AI & Machine Learning For E-Commerce

Autoketing takes a moment to process all information and make sales recommendations based on the data such as your revenue, your customer number, time your store working, and so on.

If you are new to start your store, our algorithms will provide credible recommendations to your store to generate revenue soon. Besides, our machine learning engine also takes over and continually refines the predictions to bring you the best results.

Autoketing will also suggest effective tactics for your store to stimulate customer’s shopping needs such as:
Product Recommendations
Similar Items – Show products that your customers may be looking for such as products in the same type, category or from the same vendor.

Recently Viewed Products

Provide quick links to products that customers have seen and interested.

Recently Added Products – Show new items available in your store that customers may not have known.

Track & Analyze Your Customer Behavior

Autoketing not only helps your store become professional but also makes it hard for customers to refuse your products. This is how we do it.

Autoketing starts following your customers since they first visited your online store. Then, we track all their behaviors to learn about their interests and needs. This can help you develop better customer care strategies.

Build Trust And Recover Your Lost Sales

Finally, the customer is the most important goal. So, we are here to help you bring satisfaction and trust to customers. Connect and build a loyal relationship with your customers now!

Our biggest goal is to help your store stay in customer’s mind as soon as they want to look for new products. So how can you do it? The best way for you is to regularly communicate, support and take care of your customers. Thence, they will have faith and love your store.

Sometimes, your customers have added a few items to their shopping cart, but they haven’t made a payment for any reason. Don’t worry! We are here to remind customers about great products on your store. With our abandoned shopping cart recovery tool, we are confident to boost your sales 3 times.