About Autoketing

We do small thing better 💪

Who are we? We are a companion for you!

We have had an opportunity to work with many businesses and online retailers for many years. This is also a great opportunity that helps us learn about the difficulties and challenges of each business to reach customers. We recognize that we have a responsibility to be an effective communication channel between businesses and customers to bring great value to both parties.

We also understand that communication between businesses and customers is limited. How to attract new customers? How to make them become loyal customers? They are really a difficult question for every business, especially for small business owners.

Therefore, we are here to share our valuable experiences to help you build a community of customers and grow your revenue. Our biggest mission is to connect businesses and customers through a range of communication and sales support tools to increase efficiency and save time.

In order to create tools to support businesses, we have researched the needs of businesses and customers as well as their shopping habits to find an effective communication tool. In particular, we bring useful tools to help businesses attract and care for customers as well as stimulate their shopping needs at each stage.

In addition, we provide a variety of tools to assist businesses in measuring their campaign’s effectiveness and developing loyal customer communities because we really love the way to make your life easier and better.