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Highlighted Features

highlight-features-1.png Help businesses or store owners send automated thank-you emails to their customers.
highlight-features-2.png Create a professional customer care style, build trust and improve communication with customers.
highlight-features-3.jpg Give businesses or store owners hints about sincere thanks to their customers and do all the rest

How it works

Email With Love will become an indispensable app for your online store in customer care and brand development.


The best way to build a relationship and connect with your customers

Customer’s trust for a business or online store can come from the smallest things. A sincere interest also will bring great joy to your customers. How to take care of your customers better? Let Email With Love carry out its mission!

Email With Love will help you send a sincere thanks to your customers automatically through our system after they subscribe or make purchases on your store within 30 minutes. This also is the first step to create a personal touch and build trust with your customers.

A sincere welcome email can help customers feel your respect and foster a long-term relationship with each customer. This also creates a good impression from the first time between you and your customers.

In particular, emails with your brand name may appear repeatedly in the customer's inbox. They can help you build brand and remind customers about your online store.

Why Email With Love attracts store owners?


Simple Installation

Just one simple click, a sincere thank-you email will be sent to your customers. Use easily and bring high efficiency.


Care To Each Customer

Build a good impression with customers when they shop at your online store. Express respect and sincere attention to each customer


Save On Customer Care Costs

Save time and cost for customer care services and advertise your brand. Stimulate shopping and build a loyal customer community.

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4.8 out of 5
Jan 11, 2018
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Simple and does the job is being available to our customers. The support was straight forward and helped us with our issue in getting it live :)

Jan 11, 2018
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"Very cool app that has helped our store lower our cart abandonment rate. It works as advertised and is simple to setup.
Highly recommended."

Jan 11, 2018
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"Autoketing is a lifesaver. Can't believe I didn't start using it earlier #automation"