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Sales Pop Master


Sales Pop Master

Automatically show recent transaction, boost customer shopping

Highlighted Features

  • Automatically display recent sales notifications to boost customer's order decision on your online store.

  • Promote customer's shopping needs by automatic sales popups. Thence, you can capture trends and build sales strategies.

  • Unlimited popups, increase successful transactions and conversion rate between customers and brands.

About Sales Pop Master

Why should you choose Sales Pop Master?

  • Display notifications of recent orders
  • Attract and promote the customer's shopping needs
  • An effective marketing tool
  • Save on advertising costs
  • Free application once and for all
  • Change messages, position, and display time
  • Beautiful layouts as well as themes
  • Basic theme
  • Custom theme with text and color
  • Holiday theme (10 main holidays)
  • Run on the desktop, mobile phone, and other devices
  • User-friendly interface

1. Boost customer's order decision by automatic sales popups

Online shopping is a popular trend nowadays. You own and run one or many online stores? How can you skyrocket your revenue? You must ensure the good quality of products and services. Selling strategies also play an important role in business growth. How to boost sales is always a tough question for all shop owners.

Sales Pop Master is an effective tool to increase the number of orders for your store. This application will provide notifications of orders and shopping activities of customers. It creates a motive aiming at encouraging customers to buy products.

2. Build your brand’s value to customers and reinforce their trust

Sales Pop Master will help your business build up and strengthen buyers’ trust in your brand. When new shoppers visit your store, they know other customers have bought products. This contributes to building customers’ trust. The shoppers will have more confidence to buy one product.

The importance of showing sales is deniable. Visitors who only see other orders are more likely to become real buyers. It’s important for your store to gain customers’ freedom from suspicion. Use our application to grow customer engagement! You create notifications of orders and encourage visitors to make sales.

There isn’t any hurdle to install, set up features and use this app. It takes you only some minutes to finish installing all features. This app is very suitable for your store to create engagement with customers. Shop owners use Sales Pop Master as a method to attract visitors and persuade them to buy more items.

It’s a wise decision to install Sales Pop Master right now. Enjoy huge plenty of advantages and drive more sales!

Customer Reviews

Customer Support

This was easy to set up and instantly you can communicate with your customers for better customer satisfaction.

— Superdega

Customer Support

This app work very well. It is simple to install and use. The design is minimal and moder.

— Wehemp

Customer Support

function very well easy to install and very good technical support very satisfied

— Stervolt


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