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Currency Converter Box


Currency Converter Box

Automatically convert all currencies in the world

Highlighted Features

  • Convert 164 currencies around the world with a few simple clicks. The exchange rate is updated continuously.

  • Automatically find your customer's location and show the corresponding currency.

  • Show both the original price and the converted price as customer's request. Bring convenience and drive sales.

About Currency Converter Box

1. Why is Currency Converter Box indispensable in online stores on Shopify?

Shopify is a popular e-commerce platform. Thousands of shop owners are selling products. Many customers visit online stores to buy items. Store owners come from various countries in the world. They not only sell products for domestic customers but also aim at foreign customers.

Nonetheless, a barrier rises up preventing overseas buyers from purchasing. That is a problem of currency conversion. If customers must go to another website to see the price in their currency, it's inconvenient for them. They may not be back to your store. Currency Converter Box is able to solve this problem. This is a useful application for converting the price to plenty of currencies.

2. Convert 164 currencies in the fastest way with a price - 0 US dollar

Currency Converter Box provides enough 164 currencies. You can choose any currency you want to convert to. You can choose some specific currencies or add all 164 ones. It’s very simple to choose or remove currencies. It takes only a few minutes to set up.

Our application works well and fast. It can switch among currencies in a blink of an eye, so customers see the converted price immediately. Our Currency Converter Box updates real-time exchange rate. It’s sure that customers always know the exact price. Currency Converter Box is able to look for and define the location of customers. Then this app will convert the price to customers’ currency.

3. Discover the outstanding features of Currency Converter Box

There are three themes of app icon: flag theme, layered theme, and no theme. You click the icon to choose one currency. All three themes are easy to choose currencies. Flag theme shows the flags of countries, while the layered theme is colorful. Because all themes contain color effect, it looks original and simple.

The shop owner can change text color, background color, and hover color. The app icon can hide if it’s necessary. Eight positions are available to put the icon. Besides, Currency Converter Box has many other unique utilities for you to experience. Install now!

Customer Reviews

Customer Support

This product works very well. It has helped improve our conversion rate - highly recommend

— Hempelf Com

Customer Support

Easy to use and very nice result. Good customisation options and beautiful integration with the shop. Recommended 100%!

— Wolfen Electronics

Customer Support

Best application I have ever used for facebook and Shopify.

— Nine Planets


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