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Discount Master – Quantity



    Quantity Discounts/Tiered, Countdown Timer, Stock Countdown

    Highlighted Features

    • Create different discount campaigns to stimulate your customers' shopping needs and bring more revenue. Quantity breaks and volume discount.

    • Set the countdown timer for each product to promote customer's purchase decision. Sell more with quantity breaks to boost sales.

    • Inform your customers the number of products left in stock to urge on their decision when buying any product with volume discounts.

    About Discount Master - Quantity

    1.  Discounts Campaigns (Discounts without codes)

    • Discount all discount products on your website ( ONLY 1 CLICK to set up 1000 products)
    • Discount collections (1 click to set up all products in the collection) - Unlimited
    • Discount specific products - Unlimited
    • Create many different discounts campaigns at the present time and the future
    • Help you save more time and manage your campaigns more effectively
    • Stimulate customer's shopping needs through various discounts campaigns with quantity breaks offers

    2. Countdown Timer (100% FREE): Promote the customer's purchase decision right from the vision

    • Inform customers about the exact remaining time of the discounts campaigns
    • Help you create an urgency about time
    • Prompt customers to make a quick purchase decision before the discounts end
    • “Attack” directly into the customer's eyes and entice them to capture this chance
    • Attract customer attention and promote their purchase decision

    3. Stock Countdown (100% FREE): Show the remaining quantity of each item in stock and create a scarcity of products

    • Allow customers to know the remaining quantity of each item in stock
    • Create a scarcity of products to promote the customer's shopping process
    • A countdown timer and scarce effect about products will prompt customers to buy your products immediately at first sight.
    • 10 unique themes such as Merry Christmas, Black Friday, Halloween…

    Thence, Discount Master - a perfect combination of the discount campaign, countdown timer, and the stock countdown will help you attract a large number of customers and drive your sales





    • Full use of 3 features
    • Unlimited campaigns
    • Discount campaign (10 products)
    • Countdown Timer: Unlimited
    • Stock Countdown: Unlimited
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    $ 14.99


    • Full use of 3 features
    • Unlimited campaigns
    • Discount campaign: Unlimited
    • Countdown Timer: Unlimited
    • Stock Countdown: Unlimited
    • ($9.99 for 1000 next products)

    Customer Reviews

    Customer Support

    Awesome app! Great customer support, very easy to use. Loving it! :)

    — Awesome Childhood

    Customer Support

    Great design, easy to install & helpful support staff. Highly recommend!

    — Strong Liftwear Usa

    Customer Support

    I'm loving the app. support was fast and very helpful. Oriana was great and fixed my problem in minuets!

    — Babyriffs


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