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Facebook Chat Box ‑ Marketing



    Live Chat, Free Chat Via Facebook Messenger, Auto Marketing

    Highlighted Features

    • Connect to all your customers over the world through Facebook messaging platform - Popular, simple and convenient.

    • You can support your customers at any time and anywhere. Thence, build a professional customer care style.

    • Build trust and close relationship with customers to drive sales and profit for your business.

    How It Works

    About Facebook Chat Box ‑ Marketing

    1. Conversation Starters: Chat system and automatic registration


    • Allow customers to send messages to your Facebook page through Messenger
    • Create online conversations with your customers to support them quickly and effectively
    • Help you retain conversations for marketing on Messenger platforms


    • Show a popup with a discount code to stimulate your customers to subscribe
    • As soon as your customers subscribe, show a popup with a code or a message to their Messenger
    • You can create one or more different codes to stimulate customers to subscribe to your website


    • Encourage customers to proactively send messages to you in order to create more online conversations
    • Offer attractive promotions to stimulate customers to actively create conversations with you

    2. Auto Message: System messages automatically sent to customers to boost 2x sales


    • A friendly reminder message will be sent to your customer when an item is left in the shopping cart. This feature will help you remind customers who leave items in their cart to stimulate their ordering decision


    • Show detailed notifications about the status of your order. This helps your customers keep track of order details such as price, color, size, and destination, etc.


    • Build a system of greetings and automatic responses to help you show more information to customers right from the first chat. Build smart questions and answers as soon as customers initiate a conversation

    3. Marketing campaign: Build automated marketing campaigns through Messenger

    • Send product marketing campaigns or major promotions to a wide range of customers who interact with you on Messenger. Our system will save your customer list as soon as they text on Messenger after you install Facebook Chat Box.

    Customer Reviews

    Customer Support

    Great Support! Kudos to Oriana and the developer guy for helping me fixing my website footer! Super recommended app!

    — Heraposh

    Customer Support

    This app is great, helps me connect to my customers while they are surfin my website and help me guide them through the purchase.

    — Exquisitto

    Customer Support

    Awesome free app, works perfectly. You can easily connect with customers, I have no complaints!

    — Herbestfriend

    Customer Support

    This app is great, helps me connect to my customers while they are surfin my website and help me guide them through the purchase.

    — Exquisitto

    Customer Support

    Very useful app and outstanding customer support. Tam from the customer support was very helpful and quickly resolved all my queries. Thank you very much.

    — Joybangali

    Customer Support

    Awesome app with Awesome guys to support you Support was very quick, I have never found an support like this on any web And even this was a free plugin

    — Nano Addiction


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