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Shipping Bar Master-Autoketing



    Display a free shipping bar to boost customer’s shopping goals

    About Shipping Bar Master-Autoketing

    Why is Shipping Bar Master a must-have app?

    • Offer free shipping campaigns: Create free shipping campaigns, show shipping bars on the online store to encourage customers to make purchases.
    • Skyrocket cart value: Customers will add more items to achieve the cart goal and gain free shipping. Thus, the order value grows.
    • Boost your revenue: To get the free shipping, shoppers can spend more money buying products; therefore, you generate the greater profit.

    Outstanding features of the free shipping campaign

    • Unlimited active shipping bars (premium plan)
    • Choose the shipping bar name to manage campaigns effectively
    • Make a free shipping goal
    • Fully edit 3 message options: the primary message, the progress message, and the achieving goal message
    • Add a link to the bar to direct customers to any site
    • Put the social buttons on the bar to show social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…) and increase the number of followers and subscribers
    • Use the close button in case customers don’t want to see bars

    User-friendly interface to attract customer’s attention

    • Select one of four basic positions to put shipping bars
    • Customers can send a request to order a special bar position
    • Bar padding helps you modify the size of the bar
    • Edit font, size, and color of bars and messages
    • Increase or decrease the color opacity

    Accurate target configuration

    • Page target: You can put bars on all pages, home page, collection page or a specific page.
    • Device target: Our app can run on desktop and mobile.
    • Schedule: Bars are always shown or in the specific time. Choose the start time and the end time for campaigns.

    Upcoming features of Shipping Master Bar

    • Eye-catching themes (basic and holiday themes)
    • Bar background images
    • Geo-target
    • Animation effect for bars
    • Countdown timer for the free shipping campaigns

    Install Shipping Bar Master to experience distinctive features!


    Your first 7 days are free trial!




    • Create only one bar
    • 1000 display times of bar
    • Set up the social buttons
    • Device and page target
    • Schedule active time
    Try it


    $ 9.99


    • Unlimited shipping bars
    • Unlimited display times of bars
    • Including all features of the free plan
    • Device and page target
    • Request the bar position

    Customer Reviews

    Customer Support

    Awesome app! Great customer support, very easy to use. Loving it! :)

    — Awesome Childhood

    Customer Support

    Great design, easy to install & helpful support staff. Highly recommend!

    — Strong Liftwear Usa

    Customer Support

    I'm loving the app. support was fast and very helpful. Oriana was great and fixed my problem in minuets!

    — Babyriffs


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